Duct Cleaning & Installation to Ductless Systems

Breathe Easy In Your Home

Breathe Easy In Your Home

Hire a professional dryer vent cleaning service in the Silver Spring, MD area

Over time, your vents and ductwork collect dust and allergens from both pets and people. This fosters an environment where mildew, bacteria and dust mites can grow and contaminate the air being released back into your home. That's why Home Contractor International, Inc. offers dryer vent cleaning service in the Silver Spring, MD area.

For new construction projects, we also provide commercial and residential ductwork installation services.

Is it time to get your vents cleaned?

After a ductwork installation project, it's important to keep up with the new system in order to keep your clean air flowing. Speak to an HVAC contractor about cleaning out your vents and ducts if you've noticed:

  • Visible dust on the registers and vent covers
  • Water damage like mold around your HVAC system
  • Your allergies or other breathing issues have flared up

Schedule your appointment today for dryer vent cleaning services in Silver Spring, MD or the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Ductwork Installation

There are many different reasons people are switching from a traditional HVAC system to a ductless system. Not only do you lose 1/4 of energy to the ductwork itself in a traditional system, but ductless systems are the new and improved version of a window. With a ductless system you will get:


  • Increased power in heating and air
  • A sleek look 
  • Higher energy efficiency 
  • No air leakage from the outside
  • Long term cost-efficiency